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This is the story of the recently deceased famous Lithuanian writer Kęstutis Navakas (1964–2020), who was one of the icons of Kaunas bohemia. He was one of those who, even during the Soviet era, lived a 'Western' life – wearing Wrangler jeans, listening to rock music, reading the classics and secretly distributing banned literature. Although he often skipped school lessons to DJ in a restaurant at night, his literary career was brilliant – in 2006 he was awarded the most prestigious prize in Lithuanian – National Prize for Culture and Art. He founded a book club, worked a little in television, but all his life he was a truly free artist – he wrote a huge amount of work in a wide variety of genres and published in the press.

This exhibition is a replica of his house in one of the districts of Kaunas – Žaliakalnis. The valuable and completely useless objects he collected throughout his life tell the story not only of him, but also of the times and location in which he lived.


Exhibition curator Audronė Meškauskaitė, designer Inga Zamulskienė.

The exhibition will be open until the end of September 2024.