We invite you to sunny Brazil with the photographer, journalist and writer Petras Babickas (1903-1991).

His rich and unique archive travelled from Rio de Janeiro to Lithuania on the yacht "Laisvė", with which Captain Ignas Miniotas circumnavigated the globe in 1993-1995. This unusual route brought to the museum a huge box containing everything found in Babickas's impoverished last home in faraway Brazil. As a result, the museum's archive now contains up to 1,500 items, mostly photographs and letters.

The writer emigrated to Brazil in 1946, where he began a journey across the country in search of his long-lost compatriots. Already famous in pre-war Lithuania as a photographer and pioneer of artistic photography, Babickas never left his camera behind on any of his journeys. In Brazil, he was interested not only in the Lithuanians living there, but also in the exotic nature of South America, culture, bustling city life and history. It is a pity that the surviving photographs are not annotated with years, places or people, but their abundance and totality open up an infinitely wide view of an exotic land, which one would like to absorb like a fresh gust of holiday cheer.

Today, the museum's collection of Babickas' photographs includes around 800 of his unique images of South America in the 4th-5th decades of the 20th century. It's impossible to show you all of them, of course, but for this issue we've chosen a small selection, and only the originals. These small, not always high quality photographs have a special atmosphere. Next to them are a few watercolours, which are important not so much for their sentimental pastel exoticism, but for the author's brushstrokes, which have retained the warmth of his hands.

This is Brazil...


Exhibition curator Audronė Meškauskaitė, designer Inga Zamulskienė.

The exhibition will be open until the end of March 2024. 

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