Jurgis Savickis (1890-1952) was a diplomat, writer, avant-gardist and innovator of Lithuanian prose who spent more time abroad than in his native Lithuania. In the exhibition "J. Savickis has gone" we have compiled a complete list of the countries he visited, which is truly impressive. Not only did he explore foreign countries, but he also successfully promoted Lithuanian culture, organising Lithuanian exhibitions, artist tours, various events and publications.

The innovative nature of Savickis' prose is hard to grasp today, but at the time it seemed strange that the writer had no intention of stirring up patriotic feelings, fighting for social equality or for Christian morality... His works are theatrical, aesthetic and playful. The action takes place in various European cities, in hotels, holiday resorts, the villas of the rich, the cabarets of the big cities... The colourful characters of the texts can also be found in the streets of foreign cities.

Savickis's travel books are not just knowledge and facts, but a real literary adventure, full of wit and irony. Although he writes that he dislikes tourism, he is nevertheless attracted to the inter-war tourist centres that dictated the 'fashion' of western European travel: France, Germany, Austria and, to a certain extent, Denmark, Norway and Finland. He also travelled to "less civilised" countries: Albania, Yugoslavia, Montenegro, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and later – Tunisia. And he kept comparing them to Lithuania, realising that it was a white space in the world that few people knew about.  

It is ironic that we are holding the exhibition in a museum, even though Savickis did not like them very much. Museums reminded him of the sombre silence of tombs. He preferred the lively, passionate and colourful everyday life of city streets, cafés, village crossroads, even motorways and suburbs. Here he observed the living and real theatre of humanity, with its own habits and traditions.



Exhibition curator Audronė Meškauskaitė, designer Inga Zamulskienė.

The exhibition will be open until the end of March 2024. 

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