The Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature has posthumous plaster or wax masks of some Lithuanian writers. There are many more, but the exhibition shows the death masks of Salomėja Nėris, Vydūnas, Petras Cvirka, Liudas Gira, Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas, Vincas Krėves, Kazis Binkis, which were removed by the famous sculptors Petras Rimša, Antanas Aleksandravičius, Rapolas Jachimavičius, Petras Vaškis and others.


The sculptor Petras Rimša wrote in his memoirs: "No drawing, no photograph can replace a relief mask. It is already a monument, if not a work of art. It captures the features perfectly. <...> I have removed the portraits of J. Jablonskis, K. Būga, Maironis, Vaižgantas, K. Šklėrius, S. Šimkus and others". He also stated that "the procedure of removing a mask is no more and no more expensive than a good photographic work of the same format".


Exhibition period: October 27 - November 18
Location: Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature
Age restricted: 7+