Anton Pedos tends to present his works as a purposeful study, with a triple focus - war, technology, and the collective subconscious. I look for signs and symbols from the past that can draw attention and tell us about the fateful past." I also explore the historical preconditions of today's events, how our subconscious connects today's life with the past. In his works Anton Pedos processes the years of pain and terror not only in his native Ukraine but in all countries occupied by the USSR.

In the cellars of the Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature from the 15th and 16th centuries, the painter will present two projects that are closely connected and reflect today's reality. In the series "Transformed Subconscious" (2021-2022), the artist turns to the collective subconscious of persons uncontrollable past. A. Pedos directs his artistic gaze upon himself - examining the irrational artistic breakthroughs encoded in him. By repainting the artworks of his childhood, which are shaped by post-Soviet identity, the artist reflects on the subconscious of a child growing up in such times: mutilated, plundered, and full of repressed reflections. The new version of the artworks also encodes the now older artist's attitude towards paintings that were naive in the past, but now are full of irony. The painter makes us think about why unpleasant images like rockets appear in his childhood drawings, and about the destined fate of future generations who will paint similar images. At the same time, these artworks paint the true picture of the child's world without lies.

In the project "The Price" (2022), Anton Pedos breaks down the gruesome statistics of the war by creating an image for each victim of the abuse that began back in 2014. Combining archival footage and painting expression, the artist returns cold, faceless, and voiceless victims of war to the people. Each silhouette is a human being with individual expectations and goals that were erased once faced with the aggression. By combining a series of small, generalized portraits, A. Pedos creates an endless composition that only reinforces the infinite senselessness of war.

Anton Pedos (b. 1998) was born and raised in the small town of Zmerynka, Ukraine. In 2020, he obtained a bachelor's degree at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Ceramics. In 2022, a master's degree at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Painting. Since 2022, he has been organizing group and personal exhibitions in Vilnius. The artist lives and creates in Lithuania, in the capital.

The exhibition is open until 8th of October 2022.