Maironio lietuvių literatūros muziejus
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MLLM and Departments

You must visit us, see a lot of interesting, worthy things and... just have a good time!

Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum has five departaments, each of them is dedicated to our finest writers. Find out more about them in the main page (click „More“ in the photo slider near the museum that you are interested in).

Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas Memorial Flat-Museum was founded in 1977 in the authentically renovated flat, where a priest, writer J. Tumas-Vaižgantas lived from 1920 till 1933. Visitors can visit four rooms: study room, drawing-room – library, dining room and bedroom.
Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum keeps poet‘s S. Nėris and his husband (who was the sculptor) creative and memorial heritage. In four memorial rooms was restored interior of 20th century’s 4th decade.
Juozas Grušas Memorial Museum was founded in the house of writer, playwright J. Grušas in 1989. The house was built in 1936 under J. Grušas’ project. The writer and his family lived in that house for more than 40 years. Visitors have an opportunity to see memorial rooms and various expositions.
Balys and Vanda Sruogos House-Museum was opened in 1966 in a house, which was owned by the writer Balys Sruoga (1896–1947) and where he and his wife lived from 1938 to 1940 and in 1947. The exhibitions on display reflects the story of Sruogos’ family life and work.
Children Literature Museum – interesting place to visit for young and old! The exposition presents the genres of Lithuanian children literature – fairytale, short story, poem. Visitors can see unique exhibits: writers’ personal belongings, pieces of art, book illustrations...