Maironio lietuvių literatūros muziejus
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Maironis Memorial Flat

In 1909 Maironis returned from Petersburg to Kaunas and purchased the mansion, repaired it in a year, slightly changed the decoration of the pediment and inscribed 1910. J. Maironis in it. He settled in eight rooms of the second floor and the remained part of the mansion reserved for the Lithuanian cultural organizations. In this part of the mansion there was established the first Lithuanian library-athenaeum in Kaunas, Catholic Women Association, Craft School, the edit of the magazine Garnys, publishing office Sakalas. Marcele Maciulyte lived in that mansion together with her brother poet; they together provided education for their sister’s Kotryna Lipciene children.
Today in the museum you can visit fully renovated Maironis memorial flat with all poet’s belongings, furniture. You can see special walls and ceilings decorations that still savour enchanting interwar period. Check out the photos and decide yourself is it worth to visit us! 

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