Maironio lietuvių literatūros muziejus
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Every year Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum organizes 40–50 exhibitions. They became the main attraction centre for visitors, in which circulates museum life – the dynamics of exhibits is essential.

Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum’s collections comprise 218 000 of exhibits. They embrace all periods of Lithuanian literature – from the first Martynas Mazvydas’ book till contemporary literature. The funds of the museum yearly increase approximately 6 000 of exhibits. General public get to known about it in exhibitions that are prepared to occasions for writers’ anniversaries or for important events of literature. There are about 30 exhibitions during a year. In these exhibitions are displayed approximately 8 000 of exhibits: various photographs, manuscripts, prints, documents, memorial things and other interesting material that reflect the main periods of Lithuanian literature and notable personalities of authors. Also visitors are invited to exhibitions of writers who have original pictures’ or photographs’ collections. Events of literature and’ portraits of writers made by famous photographers are exhibited in it as well. Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum is collaborating with cultural institution of foreign countries (Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic). Sometimes visitors can come to see the exhibitions that present well-known foreigners authors’ creation.
In the literary exhibitions employees try to exhibit museums objects in context of history or social, cultural life. The attention is paid to works that reveal surroundings, point of view and attitude of writers.
Exhibitions are one of the main sources of information in the museum. Visitors have an opportunity to see the material that is kept in the museum and they can get to know about collections that are accumulated by museum’s employees. Success of the museum and necessity for society namely depend on exhibitions and expositions.                     
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