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The Collection of Vaizgantas Memorial Museum

The collection comprises 2100 exhibits (920 of that from the main fund): memorial articles, manuscripts, letters, books, photographs, and pieces of art, documents, press, and prints.
The initial portion for the collection served to be J. Tumas-Vaizgantas memorial heritage (200 exhibits). The inheritance of the writer was received by Vytautas Magnus University library where in 1934 Vaizgantas museum was founded. When the university was closed down in 1941 the museum broke up. Some of the archive got into Vilnius University library, Lithuanian or Science Academy. Maironis Museum bought Vaizgantas’ furniture, pictures, some personal belongings, books, photographs and documents.
The nucleus of the collection comprises the following writer’s memorial articles. These are 40 works of art from Vaizgantas “inexpensive but exquisite picture galleries” (from Vaizgantas testament). Mainly these are pictures of Lithuanian painters like K. Simonis, K. Sklerius, P. Zitkus, S. Riomeriene, K. Ruseckas and others, some caricatures (L. Kaganas, A. Varnas, E. Janimaegi), several sculptures of Bernardas Bucas’ “Vytautas the Great” („Vytautas Didysis“), A. V. D. Weckbecker “Family” („Seima“), Rubens’ copy of “The Crucified” („Nukryziuotasis“) painted by J. Janulis, some works of the unknown authors (St. Pranciskus Asyzietis, St. Juozapas’ portraits). Not to mention works collected by Vaigzantas there are 60 other pieces of art: illustrations for Vaizgantas’ works made by I. Zemaityte-Geniusiene, S. Krasauskas, V. Valius, portrait of Vaizgantas.
There are the authentic furniture (22 items), also some crockery, and clothes, various personal belongings, awards (The Great Duchy of Lithuania Gediminas’ second order honour degree medal star, “Sauliai” (Lithuanian Armed Forces Union) medal star).
The collection of J. Tumas-Vaizgantas encompasses 550 books, 35 of that are of exceptional value that is from the writer’s personal library. A considerable part of the collection comprises photographs (550). About 90 J. Tumas-Vaizgantas portrait photographs and photo-postcards supplement the collection. Also more than 300 manuscripts 130 of that are the writer’s lectures, reviews, articles manuscripts are preserved. There are saved more than 60 recollections of various persons about Vaizgantas abd about 90 letters of priest. There are 230 staff units of press, 190 of them priest Mikutavicius donated for the museum.

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