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The Collection of Sruogos Memorial Museum

The museum collection, which was started to accumulate from 1964, covers 22469 exhibits of Lithuanian writer Balys Sruoga, the historian Vanda Daugirdaite Sruogiene and the cultural worker Dalia Sruogaite. It includes 1320 manuscripts, 6268 letters, 3596 books, 824 press, 3030 printings, 634 memorial things, 187 artworks, 664 documents, 5642 photographs, 304 sounds collection.
The collection of Balys Sruoga consists of manuscripts, letters, books, press, memorial things, artworks, photographs.
The museum exhibits the typescript of B. Sruoga’s “The Forest of Gods” („Dievu miskas“), written in Birstonas in 1945. It was firstly preserved by the writer’s eldest brother Juozas, and later donated to the museum.
Amongst the other exhibits of this museum, there are the things brought from the concentration camp in Stuthof. They cover the prisoner’s jacket, a bowl and the pipe that the writer had given to K. Boruta.
This collection consists of Balys Sruoga antique writing table, typewriter, radio, ice-axe. There are also sitting-room furniture designed by the artist Jonas Prapuolenis, tissues form XX C. first decade, three Japanese engravings, paintings and the tea service of white Japanese porcelain. Balys Sruoga memorial museum also exhibits an ancient camera with bellows that was purchased by V. and B. Sruogos in 1926.
Balys Sruoga memorial museum preserves memorial library books of Balys Sruoga. There are also books in English, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Spanish, Latvian, Polish, French, Russian and German in this museum.
In the photographies collection is the first photo of Balys Sruoga with his brothers in native land (1906). There are also writer’s photos with relatives, theatre seminar participants, several photo albums from travels, family and portrait photos of Balys Sruoga.
Artworks exhibits, made by painters Olga Dubeneckiene (1919), Vladas Didziokas (1925), Adomas Varnas (about 1965), portraits of B. Sruoga decorates the walls of writer work room. In the sitting-room are works, made by painters Adomas Galdikas, Antanas Zmuidzinavicius, Leonas Kazokas and Viktoras Petravicius.
Letters, historian manuscripts, postcards, notebooks, memorial books with autographs and without them, various press, artworks memorial things, framed maps, genealogy tree (1443–1983), documents and photographies are preserved in the collection of V. Daugirdaite Sruogiene. The epistolary inheritance material is rich and valuable.
Books from personal library, most with writers autographs, press are preserved in the collection of Dalia Sruogaite. The epistolary material is rich, because there are correspondence with writers, litterateurs, artists and actors in this collection. Artworks, photographies, documents, awards for work with scout youth also are preserved in D. Sruogaite collection.

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