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The Collection of S. Neris Memorial Museum

There are more than 6 thousand exhibits in Salomeja Neris Memorial Museum. More than 2 thousand of them belong to the basic fund. The most valuable of exhibits are poetess’ original manuscripts and typescripts (69), the first edition of her poetry and books with autographs. There are remained only a few things of poetess’ furniture and personal items: her desk, pen, inkpot, bonnet, handbag, a saucer of poetess’ coffee set and her wedding ring. The main part of exhibits’ collection contains photographs. The earliest photos of S. Neris are from 1920 – the time she was a gymnasium student. In her student time the poetess had been taken together with members of art society “Satrija”. One could find many of Lithuanian University professors, such as S. Salkauskis, V. Mykolaitis–Putinas, J. Eretas and many of students, such as J. Grinius, J. Paukstelis, L. Gira, J. Grusas, E. Kvedaraite and etc. beside S. Neris in her photographs. There is a picture from the first public evening of Lithuanian women writers in Kaunas in 1930, where artistries are taken together with J. Tumas–Vaizgantas, V. Kreve-Mickevicius, M.Vaitkus and J. Keliuotis. There is a picture from G. Petkevicaite–Bite’s anniversary celebration in Panevėžys in 1936. There are many photos of poetess’ traveling, leisure, family members and the last moments of her life. Very impressive are the S. Neris portretical photographs with the inscriptions, such as “To lovely and hospitable lady S. Ciurlioniene…”
There are 43 documents in S. Neris exhibits collection. They testify poetess’ graduation, teacher’s qualification, and membership of the Writers’ Union, marriage and even health condition. The poetess communicated with other writers and it is obvious from the letters and memories (118) of her exhibits set. There are 297 books in S. Neris memorial library that shows the fact that the poetess was interested in literature of other nations. She red works of J. W. Goethe, F. Schiller, H. Heine, R. Rolland, M. A. Sholokhov and etc. in their original language.
The set was started to accumulate in 1961. The firs exhibits were received from S. Neris husband, the sculptor and architect Bernardas Bucas, and after his death – from the poetess’ son Saulius, other relatives, writers and the Lithuanian State Library. The museum is continuing to gather the material, relates to S. Neris life, creative work and the history and activity of the museum.

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