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The Collection of J. Grusas Memorial Museum

Juozas Grusas Memorial Museum keeps over 9 thousand exhibits – almost 3 thousand books and printings, 9 hundred photographies, 924 manuscripts, dozens of exhibits of memorial library.
Many creative manuscripts of J. Grusas reviled. Particularly valuable are ancient manuscripts – listened recordings of lectures during the studies of J. Grusas (1924–1930), his diploma work Vincas Krėvė' Realistic fiction (Vinco Krėvės realistinė beletristika 1932).
Memorial library of J. Grusas is rich. There are a lot of law and philosophy works, folklore collections, Lithuanian editions, selected writings of russian scholars, voluminous in Russian of foreign writers, editions in French, German, various encyclopaedias and art albums.
Today readers are interested in the first books of J. Grusas – novels collection Mrs. Bertuliene (Ponia Bertulienė 1928), which is full ofremarks andcorrections, inserted by writer hand, only one romance Careerists (Karjeristai) also with proofreading of J. Grusas, which was inserted during the preparation of soviet publication. Most of editions in Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Polish, German with autographs of translators were donated to J. Grusas.
The oldest photo of group, yellowed of time, representing XX century, there we can see prospective writer with his parents and other relatives. Remaining pictures from 1934, when Lithuanian writers and journalists have been traveling around Soviet Union, other photos with family memebers from different times. R. Rakauskas, A. Macijauskas, A. Kairys perpetuated the drawing of famous writer J. Grusas.
Works of art decorate the house of J. Grusas. There are remaining paintings of prewar writers in Juozas Grusas Memorial Museum – portrait of J. Grusas (A. Valeska, 1930), Setting (L. Truikys, 1932), Landscape (J. Martinaitis, 1939). There are valuable little sculptures (R. Antinis, S. Straigys) in the work room of J. Grusas.
Rich and colourful is the portraits collection from later year of J. Grusas – sheets of graphic artists R. Carna (1972), G. Didelyte (1982), R. Dichavicius (1979), others works made by B. Uogintas, V. Klemka and sculptural portraits (J. Mozuraite-Klemkiene 1973, L. Strioga 1980).

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